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The City of Kimberley reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept the proposal deemed most favorable to the interests of the City of Kimberley. Four lots available: two at 1,m2 12,sq. Each lot is suitable for a wide range of building and landscape designs and is serviced with municipal water and sanitary sewer connections.

Natural gas, electrical and communication connections can be extended from adjacent facilities. Permissible housing types include a single family dwelling, two family duplex dwelling, or a single family dwelling with accessory secondary dwelling unit attached, detached or carriage-house unit.

The City of Kimberley will be inviting offers to purchase the lots through a sealed bid process. Bid instructions, submission deadline and minimum purchase price will soon be posted at Kimberley. In the meantime, please contact Planning kimberley. The purchase of a five-acre property south of Elko by the Nature Trust of B.

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The Nature Trust announced last week that it has purchased the last remaining piece of privately owned property on Wigwam Flats, south of Elko and north of the confluence of the Wigwam and Elko Rivers. The five-acre property was purchased from the Tregilges family, which has had a connection to the property since the s.

It concludes a 37year history for the Nature Trust, which pur-. That trans- Program — Columbia, press my appreciation to owned. So purchase, Neil said, Teske. Additional sup- that will cover Wigwam volvement in the land we have the full suite of along with community port for the project was Flats and Sheep Mounand what they did as wildlife that inhabit that groups including the provided by the Koote- tain. So the esthetic part is have this natural mosaic and District Rod and public support for the be addressed. There will. So we are looking into the future and hopefully we can get there.

Our emphasis is not on recreation — we like people to leave a light footprint. So we encourage people to walk there or ride a horse there. The residents of Caldwell Road on the western edge of Cranbrook are watching with alarm as water encroaches on their properties. Eight households line the frontage road beside the highway leaving town to the southwest. Farther beyond is Elizabeth Lake, a famous wetland and wildlife sanctuary. Deb Kopak, one of the residents who has lived on Caldwell Road for 25 years, says a weir was put in place in the s. A new weir was installed two years ago, and ever since then, the waters have risen into their property, getting worse every year, she said.

The water is literally rising by the hour. Also, she stores a motorhome and several travel trailers for friends. These vehicles were trapped and surrounded by water, though she was eventually able to get them out of the mud up on to drier land. Kopak has also had to evacuate her horses as the rising water flooded out the stable, and left them roaming the pasture in water up to their shins. Thank God for good friends who can take the horses. One neighbour brings in firewood by the semiload, for example, Kopak said. That wood is all under water.

Caldwell Road resident Jerry Tames is pictured by the City of Cranbrook pump which is taking water from Elizabeth Lake in an effort to reduce the lake level. The pump on the right is hors de combat. But the ground has become so saturated that getting a tractor in is difficult. The bird sanctuary has gradually been getting bigger and bigger. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that various levels of government oversee different aspects.

Elizabeth Lake is fed from the west by underground springs and creeks, including a creek from Jimsmith Lake and Silver Creek. The water sources feeding the creek are in the purview of the RDEK. Water from the lake. In recent days, the City has had big pumps out behind Elizabeth Lake Lodge, pumping water out of the lake, across Wattsville Road and into the creek, to help keep the lake level down.

Cranbrook Mayor Wayne Stetski said that as of Tuesday, the City has been pumping water out of the east end of the lake for over a week now. He said the City is doing all that it can to reduce the water level in Elizabeth Lake without also putting downstream Cranbrook residents at risk of flooding. The creek crosses under the highway, and runs along past the Columbia Greenhouses and the FasGas station, before going underground past the Prestige.

The creek re-emerges in the little park between the Prestige and the railway museum, before going underground and crossing. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manages the culverts that go under the highway. Tames said parts of this infrastructure can no longer handle the lake drainage. Plus, the culverts are continually being plugged with debris like old cattails and garbage. Tames has been cleaning some of them out.

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We also want to thank the City of Cranbrook public works staff, and the residents on Caldwell Road for their ongoing communication and understanding as we work to address the flooding and will continue to keep them informed of our progress. The culverts are being assessed and the goal is to bring the lake to a more acceptable level; however, as we have seen in other areas this spring, this could take some time given the current high lake and groundwater levels.

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First we will figure out exactly what they are trying to force us to do. This cannot be done without killing people. And that is exactly what the Russians want. The provisional government of Ukraine does have a serious problem in the east, of course. There may be a referendum on constitutional reform at the same time. It will be harder to do that credibly if government buildings in half a dozen eastern cities are occupied by armed men.

It is doubtful that all or even most of the heavily armed men in the occupied buildings are actually Ukrainian citizens. There was no separatist political organisation in the east before the revolution that was capable of producing hundreds of volunteers with military training, wearing identical uniforms and carrying identical Russian-made weapons, and using them to seize multitargets in different citGwynne ple ies simultaneously.

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But there is a big difference: the Donbas, the region where Donetsk and the other affected cities are located, does not contain a civilian majority that actually wants to be ruled by Russia. If it did, the pro-Russians could just come out in non-violent crowds, like the protesters did in Kiev, and take control of the region peacefully. The truth, mercifully withheld from the soldiers in the occupied buildings, is that they are there to provide some martyrs — and when they die, Spetsnaz or not, they will be portrayed as local people killed by. So why is the Ukrainian government going to provide Putin with exactly that pretext by attacking the buildings in question?

It would be inconvenient, but quite possible, just to blockade them, leave them in Russian hands and carry on the election around them. Or, if the authorities in Kiev find that too embarrassing, then just cut off the water and wait for the occupiers to come out peacefully. A week or two should be enough. You would think that the government in Kiev, which came to power itself by mainly non-violent means, and finally won when the Yanukovych government discredited itself by the massive use of force, would understand the importance of not killing people.

You would, it appears, be wrong to think that. Maybe this conclusion is premature. Common sense could yet prevail. But the Kiev government has been doing the wrong things in the east for so long that a last-minute change of heart seems unlikely. This article has a very clear agenda. I mean, after all, think about how much you can relate: everybody uses the washroom.

Really, we all do. So why not sing about it, huh?

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Why not sing about how it relates to our lives, and how it will affect our future? We are a society built on personal comfort, but just how sustainable can an arrangement like that be? Urinetown: the Musical opens on May 8, and the cast is excited. Will we be ready?

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Is there enough time? Why did I listen to that man? Admission by donation. Bring your friends and family.

Info; call toll free or go to w ww. Saturday April 26, a.

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Set up Friday 25th - to or by appointment. Crafters, Downsizers, Upsizers, Specialty, and Charitable fundraiser vendors welcome. Lunch bar available between and Call for details or to rent a table.